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Swimming Pool Closing

Clearview Fireplace & Patio offers In Ground & Above Ground Swimming Pool Closing Chemicals, Covers, & Accessories. This Year we have also added a Free Closing Guide to help you put your pool to bed properly & Help it be clean and clear faster next spring. — We specialize in Swimming Pools!

Pool Closing
Free Above Ground Pool Closing Guide Free In Ground Ground Pool Closing Guide

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Why BioGuard Winter Kits?

Protect your pool with BioGuard® Winter Kits during the off-season months.

Bioguard Artic Blue Winter Kits Bioguard Artic Blue Winter Kits

You may live in the middle of the snow belt or sunbelt. You might close and cover your pool or just swim occasionally.Whatever the case, Arctic Blue® products — when applied properly will do the job. That also means an easy spring opening that requires a minimum of effort, time and money.They are packaged perfectly for Closing any Swimming Pool

Balance your Pool Water &
before Closing For The Season!

It is important to balance your pool water before closing your pool in order to protect you liner & make it easier to open it next Spring —

Consider that your Pool Spends more time closed then it does open. So It makes sense to Protect it all year round.

So stop in today with a water sample and get your Free Water Analyses & Computerized Print out. Our well trained staff can help you have your water clean, clear & ready to close up in no time!.

Closing for winter

Winterizing is the most important thing you can do to make your spring pool opening as easy as possible. There are enormous benefits to correctly closing your pool, including:

  • Protecting your pool surfaces and equipment.
  • Keeping water looking its best all winter long.
  • Protecting equipment from freeze damage.
  • Saving money on extra maintenance when you open your pool.

Whether you completely cover your pool or just reduce maintenance, BioGuard® can make winterizing painless. Convenient Artic Blue® Winter Kits include the products you need for cold weather care.

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