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Clearview Fireplace & Patio offers Traditional & Infrared made by Finnleo®.

The days stresses melt away as you let yourself go in the wash of comfort. There are no distractions. You can think, feel, be yourself once again. Let us help you learn more about the benefits of sauna and how to plan for a sauna of your own.

  • Saunas improve heart health.

  • Saunas improve Recovery time after exercise.

  • Saunas flush out toxins.

  • Saunas improve brain health

  • Saunas induce deeper sleep.


'Saunas for your health'

Sauna While only your doctor can determine the physical benefits of sauna use for you, some of the common health benefits that users experience on a regular basis when using an Almost Heaven Sauna are: weight loss, arthritis relief, toxin release, enhanced immune system, endorphin release, improved circulation, improved skin tone, respiratory effects and relaxation.

The Finnleo® is North Americas pure sauna specialist and has the most complete line of sauna & infrared products. We provide the market with traditional sauna experiences as they have been enjoyed for thousands of years. Since 1984 we have made sure that these simple pleasures are created in sync with modern living.

The Finnleo experience is as genuine as it gets. Because our saunas are designed to deliver the same simple, uncomplicated pleasure people have been enjoying for thousands of years. There is the solid comfort knowing we use responsibly-sourced wood from northern forests. Our heating engineering is based on tried and true principles of our authentic Finnish roots. We call it pure sauna, and with Finnleo you can enjoy it in the comfort of your own home as often as you like.

And our staff is always here to help with any questions that come up.

Time to get the Pool Ready!!

Pool Water and Ladder Early May is usually the best time to start thinking about opening up your pool for Spring. We have a great selection of all your Pool Opening items in stock now.

Dolphin Active We have Dolphin Automatic Pool Cleaners from Maytronics for any size Inground or Aboveground Pools & a full selection of replacement parts & accessories.

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We have premium BioGuard Chemicals in stock to make your pool sparkle. Come in today for a Free Water Test & Report. It only takes a few minutes.

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